iTunesArtwork_512 GyroDrums is a really great app. It uses Apple's latest core-motion framework to detect all motions of the iPhone (developed for iPhone 4/5 and later with iOS7 or later installed). With this app your iPhone virtually becomes a drumstick or even more a whole drum set in the palm of your hand! In any direction (3D) you can beat a drum by using the accelerometers/gyros. Making a virtual clap with both hands will produce a clap sound by using the proximity sensor. Sophisticated algorithms are used to give you the most natural playing experience possible. The drum sounds (choice of 5 different drum sets) are very high-quality (24-bit recording). Drum sets 1 and 2 are traditional drum sets for rock/pop music. Drum set 3 is more artificial. Drum sets 4 and 5 are for hip-hop music. GyroDrums can be used just for fun or even in a more professional setting. Watch the info-video within the app to get more information!

There have been similar apps in the last years. But most often those apps do not provide a good playing experience due to oversensing or undersensing of the iPhone movements as a result of insufficient algorithms and old methods. The big difference is that GyroDrums really works the way it is supposed to do. For it uses Apple's latest core-motion framework and sophisticated algorithms it's a real pleasure to play the drums with this app. Another big difference to other similar apps is the extraordinary high quality of the drum sounds. It's real 24-bit recording of professional drum sets. The app provides an info-video that explains how to use it.